Agronomic benefits

The use of fertiliser enhancers offers a range of benefits to farmers, including:

  • Nutrients Use efficiency:
    • Reduction of N losses from mineral and organic fertilisers, contributing to reducing their use
    • NIs enable improvement in plant nutrition due to prolonged uptake of ammonium nitrogen.
    • NIs increase plant availability of phosphate and some trace elements.
    • High nitrogen use efficiency and more N availability for the crop.
    • Environment and climate protection.
  • Improved Return on investments:
    • Fertilisers with efficiency enhancers enable higher yields compared to standard fertilisers or same yield level with a reduced N amount.
    • Secure yield.
    • Higher quality of harvested crops.
    • Compliance with global and environmental regulations.
  • Simplified farm management.
    • Enhanced application flexibility independently from weather conditions.
    • Confidence by experience.
    • Number of application rounds can be reduced